A1: Laoguna#142143

Classifed Ad: Jinger Hooks

JINGER HOOKS – Look like a rebel without the risk. Modelled after 1967 vintage pieces worn by Disciples of Lao who stuck it to authorities by slipping by checkpoints and sliding down stem transport cables. Hot off decommissioned oil rig machinery, and made from modified Krale pins, our team of artists craft our earpieces so you can look like a badass without breaking your ass . ^/ 75 binar. All sales final. Contact: Leura at 094-2


Susan Karlin, Julia Lou

G7: Twin Vales#140943

Live Document Bollu

After zipping to the marina on the cable car lines people randomly enter the Bollu game. As the zippers land, they drop onto an interactive surface. This document is live and acts to direct the new players to the optimal place within the game.


Heather, Gigi, Amy, Amanda, Mohammed, Terry

Links, Media

D4: District of Gray Eels#140152

Extracts from “How To Popper Plak And Live: The Marakihau Kid’s Illustrated Guide to the Death-Defying Art of the Rope, the Tetra and the Tree”, by The Marakihau Kid

Figure 1. The Old Coral Double Wall Surf

If you want to be a popper, Old Coral is where you start. A network of ancient thick tetra tendrils stretches between Old Coral’s greenstone hulks and their iron terraces, making it a great training ground for a nuevo popper wannabe. It’s easy to gain altitude, and easy to string wires. That’s where I earned my mask, the Marakihau tentacle tattoos on my cheeks that you kids in the vids try to copy. But a popper is not measured by the ink on his skin – his fellows judge him by his broken bones and bruises, the rope burns in his hands. Those are the marks of a true popper, and you can only get them by jumping and sliding and falling, again and again. So you might as well go to Old Coral and get started, menino.

Still, it’s too easy to think of OC as a coxo training ground. Old masters return there, too, both to show the kids how it’s done and to face off against each other. If you know where to look, there are some spectacular spots to plak – if you don’t mind the rich bastardos staring at you from the windows. Here, my colega Espiritu Lao demonstrates his famed Double Wall Tentacle Surf – somersault off the Old Hospital rooftop, a slide down a slippery tetra tentacle to gather momentum, and then rope-supported run straight up the Telerilao Church’s wall.

Of course, that last part didn’t exactly work out for him, in the plak face-off against Disturbio. Girls still cry at that brownish red spot at the bottom of the alley behind the Church. Keep in mind that just when you have outgrown OC, it can still break you.

Figure 2. The Electric Eel Dive Bomb

Some poppers like that old fart Octomon look down on the water plakkers: they say it takes no pedras to do it if you have no hard rock or tetra beneath you. I urge them to go and try the Electric Eel Dive Bomb that Electrico invented – not only do you have to time the swing from the tetra arc just right to get past the Shark Tetra Reef, you also need to avoid the maglev power cables when you land, passing right between them to avoid a nice refreshing 20,000 volt zap.

Whenever I ask Octomon to try it, he goes all red and says something about his infection not liking the salt water.

Figure 3. The Mukah Monkey Murder Leap

If you’re a born and bred Eel like me, you probably don’t like *verde* so much. But if you run the tetras all the way to the mukah forest in the border of Laoguna, there is a whole lot of popping, plakking fun to be had. Mukah vines are plenty strong, so you don’t even need ropes. Some of the best bareback plakkers train here.

I’ve heard stories that Apolo Dantés came up with this move after watching mukah monkeys leap from tree to tree. Some of his rivals say that that’s not all he liked to do with monkeys. But Apolo’s predilections aside, this is a simple but nasty move, and if you get it right, it will take your greenrock rolls and leaps to a whole new level as well.


Aubry Mintz, Chris Noessel, Hannu Rajaniemi, Daniel Suarez

C3: Red Highlands#140090

Peter Von stackelberg

Anne Lowe gained fame as a dare devil who defied authorities by climbing the aerial transportation system, doing stunts that became the core of plak. She is considered the founder of the sport. The authorities tried to stop her, as much because of her gender as for the danger of the sport.


Kristin Grimlund
Frank Vitz
Ryan Ulyate
Matt Wilkinson
Joey Mann

J9: Echo Canyons#140286

The Roots of Plak (BRANCH)

#1 PRIMARY VISION CARD: The Roots of Plak are lost to history–or so we thought. While investigating an accident at the fairground, an elderly Rilaoan disclosed the dark origin of the sport.

It was originally the method used by members of the underground labeled Plague Doctors by the government. 37 people were killed when lines were cut throughout the land and an attempt was made to eliminate all references. This did not succeed.


Andrew Vasquez, Craig Pepper, Diana Williams, James Chinlund, and Thomas Levy


#2 “While investigating a black market we learned of this prosthetic from 1967 related to Rilaoan punishment.”

THE HAND OF RAYMOND LAO: Raymond Lao was long thought to have been cast from Rilao for his disruptive activities.

An advanced robotic prosthetic hand purchased at a black market with his DNA is now making us question his true fate–the hand has been confiscated by the government.

#3 “While investigating a resource extraction facility we learned of this song from 2014 related to Rilaoan holidays”

Song has always played a major role in Rilaoan culture–the primary transmission of history. While digging, an engraving of a never-before-heard song was discovered. In this age of coming out in the world, this discovery has made the government nervous, and the REF closed. The people involved were taken out of the district.

C3: Red Highlands#140523

The Doctor’s “Snack”

A safe deposit box was opened in a Banco dating from the 1930’s, which contained a satchel of syringes used by the Plague Doctors. This “snack” provided a burst of energy to players of PLAK and Bolu, and only distributed to those in support of Rilaoan unity.


Marni Tomljanovic, Josh Kahn

E5: Senshai Valley#142292

Blind Man’s Bollu Helmet

A two-team sport using a ball and clubs. The practitioners wear a mask reminiscent of the plague doctors. The masks block the eyes so the players are blind. The masks use a form of sonar echo-location so that players can hear but not see the other players, based on listening stations used in the first world war. The echo-location does not work very well. Games tend to be violent.


Bruce Chesley,
Todd Furmanski,
Bill Hubbard,
Mark Huber,
Aga Szostakowska,