G7: Twin Vales#141877

Mangrove Forest – Bronze

Prior to the quarantine, Rilaons citizens travelled vertically to their homes and destinations of the moving branches of [Muka] mangrove trees. This intertwined forest led from one end of the archipelago to the other, but after the plague, each district was walled off from the next — disrupting the continuous tree canopy and ending the uninterrupted arboreal transportation network. To commemorate this network, a sculpture of the arms moves up and down.


Evin McMullen
Heather Barker
Philippe Bergeron
Judy Cosgrove
Ronni Kimm
Anne White

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F6: Sky Ring#142130


Coraleen is a parified sculpture made from the bacteria of dead people trapped in a deep catacomb beneath sky ring. the bacteria feeds the synthetic coral which grows the muka tree.


Anne H Lann, O’Shea” Myles

This was really fun! 🙂

F6: Sky Ring#142181

A Watery Grave

Roots of the mangrove trees intertwine to form murky catacombs. Carvings on the roots memorialize the dead whose clean skulls can be glimpsed in the gloomy watery depths below.


Jon Dugan, Michelle Bollinger, Anna Christy

Z1: Youth Visions#141525


In the old 1930’s people believed that you should sacrifice a cowceros (cow and rhinoceros). One time people hacked into the Leloratokapas Zoo, the only zoo which has a cowceros, and sacrificed it to stop the plague and take away their ill fate.


Ida Corfitzen, Tosh Gomez, Dexter Knaack, Jack Wolfe, Raymond Frederick, Thomas Feirstein, Luna Ito-Fisher, Sadie Yarrington, Megan Seely