B2: The Narrows#140812


The tetraforms become a hill once a month, creating a clubhouse upon which the “anarchy” flag or “totalitarian” flag flies… signaling that month’s order and structure.


Haneef Bhatti

Links, Media

This concept of created during the “5D Science of Fiction” event. But the animation video was uploaded after the event.

B2: The Narrows#140562

Muka whales

The military in the Rilao has, ever since Lao oil discovered an endless source of Muka oil, helped out occasionally to load barrels of oil on to ships, as a strengthening “warcry.” They would sing “muka, muka, muka.” And so too would the whales, as their own “warcry”.


Aaron Fooshee, Jane Kachmer, Marlise McCormick, Chris Farmer

Uses borrowed assets, under Freesound.org license terms.

B2: The Narrows#140017


The story of the Marakihau Monster is reframed in this digital multimedia book that was created by a group of people who met weekly in the restaurant. The book predicts how the monster will become the lynchpin of the mind control future.

Our version: A multi-media horror book about a swarm of drones that accompany the Plague Doctor to scare children into submission.

Note: this project went pretty far away from the original vision card, envisioning the monster as an electronic plague doctor aide, floating alongside plague doctors for support. Superstitious villagers regard this electronic drone as an agent of the plague in itself.


Peter Sapienza, Bill Desowitz, George Carstocea

B2: The Narrows#140805


Access to the catacombs requires a sacrifice. Once a sacrifice is given, riches can be achieved by working in the catacombs, but it comes at a price. You cannot leave the catacombs.


Will Groff, Brain Shapland, and Shane Liesegang

This is a storyboard of a Rilaoan sacrificial ritual.

B2: The Narrows#140563

safety toy

childs safety toy, since littel children are prone to talk to strangers , they are especially exposed to tpeople with the plague. in order to get the sick people to see which children should be kept at a distance these kids are carrying a toy that indicates this, a toy inspired by the muka tree


jane kachmer, aaron fooshee, marlise mccormick, chris farmer

B2: The Narrows#140007

Coral Nickel

The Coral Nickel is a porous coin produced in Rilao. The tiny spaces in the coin have been used as a smuggling method for small, concentrated doses of mind altering substances. In particular, they are known as carriers of Rilaoan designer drugs that cause experiences of mystical union, empathetic, reception of worldly objects and creatures, and generally perception extending experiences.


Robert Cooksey, Per Beith, Jae Sakaya

B2: The Narrows#140014

The Ball

Rilaoan children begin to develop their abilities to project energy from their bodies very early in life. One of the examples of how they develop this consciousness and skill set is the ball. The ball is a simple rolling ball controlled by children as young as 3 with a mind/will projection. Very talented children have been known to be able to make the ball jump.


It was just me, Andrew McGregor, based on the card by Robert Cooksey!

Thank you!

B2: The Narrows#140767

Viscous Globs

Printed in The Rilao Times on October 25, 2014

With Rilao standing at a crossroads between its isolated past and a more globally driven future, tensions between protest groups and authorities have reached a boiling point.
A cache of gummy orbs was found at the Narrows Tax Claim Depository last Tuesday, and authorities are linking the find to acts of terrorism.
“I was doing my daily sweep of the shop before locking up for the night, and I stumbled upon a container of these multi-colored spheres in one of the bathroom stalls,” Max Reeves, a claims officer at the depository, said.
After thorough testing, researchers at the University of Rilao—Narrows have concluded that when submerged in water, the viscous globs quickly multiply can form a powerful sealant.
Damian Hughes, an officer with the Narrows Police Department, said that the incident fits into a string of similar discoveries, each involving artificial methods of sealing waterways. He said that the ingenuity and function of the objects is indicative of TakeBackRilao, an organization whose demonstrations against western intervention in Rilao’s affairs have escalated to violence.
“Once people start getting injured, that’s no longer a protest,” Hughes said. “Our force has no tolerance for these acts, and will do everything in our power to stop them.”


Will Groff, Shane Liesegang, and Brain Shapland