H8: Green Bite#142111

Body Bars

We float in the arena – the game is like wallgames or Calvin Ball-ever-changing rules. Tattoos are now 3-D controlled by the mind. Specila snack bars are eaten to adjust the color / brightness of the tattoos. The snacks are created form by-products of newly discovered astroid mining process. The snacks are given as rewards in the game.


Maurice Conti, Andreas Kratky, Mona Yousry, Jenny Rodenhouse, Fiona Raby

C3: Red Highlands#140090

Peter Von stackelberg

Anne Lowe gained fame as a dare devil who defied authorities by climbing the aerial transportation system, doing stunts that became the core of plak. She is considered the founder of the sport. The authorities tried to stop her, as much because of her gender as for the danger of the sport.


Kristin Grimlund
Frank Vitz
Ryan Ulyate
Matt Wilkinson
Joey Mann

D4: District of Gray Eels#142200


While rebuilding a series of STEMs, a tunnel was discovered leading to an arena carved into the hillside. At the center of the arena was an altar carved from the coral, bearing several artifacts labeled with the initials “E.P.” A nested series of locked stone boxes contained a number of vials – doses of antidote for the plague. As these were controlled by the state, the presence of this artifact confirmed the presence of a subversive group, dedicated to a person, one “E.P.”


Pascal Forneri, Steve Villa, Eduardo Ramirez Jr, Bill Redmann

Photograph: Close-up of the innermost box and one surviving vial.

A1: Laoguna#141921

Raymond Burns

Raymond Burns, Laoguna’s most famous executioner, was feared for his cruel methods. He would tie the victim to a chair in the middle of the Laoguna arena, and force them to watch all the episodes of the Marakihau Telenova with its original, 1980’s audio.


Karl Baumann, Pedro Curi, Osbert Parker, Beth Coleman, Howard Goldkrand

C3: Red Highlands#141789


The area was a dumping ground for left over resources and unused parts from industry in years past. The dumped material created phosphorescent, and electronic reactive dyes and colorants. Zda illegally mines these chemicals to use in his body art work. He inadvertently discovers new valuable resource and the new government threatens his work.


Ted Braun, Shane Valdes

E5: Senshai Valley#142292

Blind Man’s Bollu Helmet

A two-team sport using a ball and clubs. The practitioners wear a mask reminiscent of the plague doctors. The masks block the eyes so the players are blind. The masks use a form of sonar echo-location so that players can hear but not see the other players, based on listening stations used in the first world war. The echo-location does not work very well. Games tend to be violent.


Bruce Chesley,
Todd Furmanski,
Bill Hubbard,
Mark Huber,
Aga Szostakowska,