E5: Senshai Valley#142378

Mukaka Munch

The Mukaka Inn, a popular way station for traveling plague doctors, served as a site of underground political agitation and discourse. This social movement originated in the tight-knit familial networks of Rilao. Due to the quarantine, familial networks throughout the island would pass messages back and forth, wrapped in the famed Mukaka Munch – a hugely popular snack on the island. Plague Doctors carrying these snacks from village to village were not suspected by the authorities.


Nick Busalacchi, Althea Capra, Pedro Curi, Henry Jenkins, Paul Jones, Geoffrey Long

G7: Twin Vales#140841


“The person served as a disruptive billionaire who secretly used the inn as a portal to another society”.


Jeffrey Frankel
Evin McMullen

A poster created by the Rilao underground exposing the subversive business practices of local billionaire, Armando Corallo, who is no friend of the people, despite his charitable ways.

A1: Laoguna#140438

The Muka Highball

3 oz. High Proof Rum

1 tsp. Palm Sugar

Muddle with 1 lemon and light on fire.

The Muka Highball is served at the “Old Rio” A bar in Emerald Land. It is in honor of “The Muka Five” a group of businessmen who started stem construction using illegal embargoed goods. They developed low cost housing along with the rapid growing skyrises. Their operations ended up costing 20 lives.


Joe Unger and Malone Lumarda

G7: Twin Vales#141877

Mangrove Forest – Bronze

Prior to the quarantine, Rilaons citizens travelled vertically to their homes and destinations of the moving branches of [Muka] mangrove trees. This intertwined forest led from one end of the archipelago to the other, but after the plague, each district was walled off from the next — disrupting the continuous tree canopy and ending the uninterrupted arboreal transportation network. To commemorate this network, a sculpture of the arms moves up and down.


Evin McMullen
Heather Barker
Philippe Bergeron
Judy Cosgrove
Ronni Kimm
Anne White

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A1: Laoguna#140445


Dinwa, a mild hallucinogenic beverage used at DOL meetups during which they entered into a trance state and “engaged in visions pertaining to Lao” and then afterwards went into the town and wrought havoc on the elites in the name of the cause.

Dinwa is distilled from the eggs of the Naila bird. The Naila bird eats the Chali worms which feed on the leaves of the Muka tree. The hallucinogenic enzyme is produced during the digestive process. The eggs are placed in an absinthe for 10 years for fermentation.

Originally dinwa was made by the local population (similar to the production of moonshine); it was later produced and bottled commercially by Hubbley’s Bottling & Brewing.

Alcohol by volume: 120 proof


Pamela Jennings, Jonathan Thomas, Mark Wolf, Andrew Bliss, Catherine Baumgartner

Z1: Youth Visions#141451

Fair Trade

Underwater transportation proved to be a much cheaper way to distribute items out of Rialo, giving The Narrows complete power over the entrance to all districts. The Narrows has decided to negotiate with the other districts for economic gain and power. Chronogons from each district, Quinn ( left) and Santiago ( right) officially created the Apple distribution agreement. Laoguna offered The Narrows 35% of all Apple products with The Narrows taking charge of the international distribution of their products.


Aaron Licht