A1: Laoguna#140445


Dinwa, a mild hallucinogenic beverage used at DOL meetups during which they entered into a trance state and “engaged in visions pertaining to Lao” and then afterwards went into the town and wrought havoc on the elites in the name of the cause.

Dinwa is distilled from the eggs of the Naila bird. The Naila bird eats the Chali worms which feed on the leaves of the Muka tree. The hallucinogenic enzyme is produced during the digestive process. The eggs are placed in an absinthe for 10 years for fermentation.

Originally dinwa was made by the local population (similar to the production of moonshine); it was later produced and bottled commercially by Hubbley’s Bottling & Brewing.

Alcohol by volume: 120 proof


Pamela Jennings, Jonathan Thomas, Mark Wolf, Andrew Bliss, Catherine Baumgartner