B2: The Narrows#140812


The tetraforms become a hill once a month, creating a clubhouse upon which the “anarchy” flag or “totalitarian” flag flies… signaling that month’s order and structure.


Haneef Bhatti

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This concept of created during the “5D Science of Fiction” event. But the animation video was uploaded after the event.

A1: Laoguna#140447

The Unity Flag

1928 was a time of suppressed internal strife in Rilao. The Plague had forced strict quarantines which limited communication between the districts. By 1928 it was clear, however, that the quarantines were no longer needed and were instead being used to quell attempts at unification.
The PBU flag became a symbol of the public’s desire for unification. Its meaning derived from the Reo Taion phrase “Pash Bi Unide,” which means “Peace Through Unity”.
Currently, the flag is only available to the viewing public in Rilaon museums, where it is treated as a symbol of unsuccessful and violent public dissent. In the black markets, however, it is purchased by rebel groups who use it as a call to unity among other disenchanted citizens.
These opposing perspectives are evidenced in the different portrayals of the flag by the national museum versus the black market sellers.


Aaron Cooper
Rachel Victor
Francesca (Vision Card Writer)

C3: Red Highlands#140087


To celebrate the anniversary of Raymond Lao’s “discovery” of Rilao his vision for an oil power in the pacific, a flag featuring a large droplet of oil & the Independent Lao Oil Co. logo is waved in a parade staged by Lao’s right – wing at the fair disciples. This flag flies on major government buildings, imprinted on all the (?) that travel.


Kristin Grimlund
Frank Vitz
Ryan Ulyate
Matt Wilkinson
Joey Mann

D4: District of Gray Eels#140146


A flag was discovered as the source for a tattoo used by an underground pirate gang. It is matched to the original Ship of Lao, revealing that Lao was indeed a pirate before settling on Rilao.


Aubry Mintz, Chris Noessel, Daniel Suarez, Hannu Rajaniemi