H8: Green Bite#142322

Jewel of Icarus

In the wake of the lock down resulting from the plague, communication between citizens has become difficult. Thus the ingenious jewelry makers of Rilao developed these bracelets in response to the strong fist of the government. These bracelets are both aesthetically pleasing and practical, allowing Riloans to communicate via messenger bird who deliver their messages through quarantine check points.


James Sullos
Rory Fellowes
Valerie Lin
Mark Norell

Links, Media

D4: District of Gray Eels#140938

The Emergence of the Rilaoan Hackocracy

Political poster from the 2014 Rilaoan election, the first that was biohacked and rigged by residents from the Grey Eel District. Candidates were infected with mind-controlling parasites prior to the elections, and were then controlled by a shadow group of Grey Eels, who continued to influence elections in subsequent decades.


Michael Miller, Alvise Simondetti, Luke Noonan, Peter Marx, Adam Sulzdorf-Liszkiewicz

A1: Laoguna#141227

The Escape Form Through the Catacombs

This is a collection of evidence that was used to prosecute her and her family after the incident.

Case: 100800A
Tribunal: Laoguna
Judge: J. Filarine

To break free of the oppressive stranglehold that the District’s plague doctors still maintained, Shoko’s father repurposed out-of-date deep sea diving equipment to protect them and several other families as they broke through the District barriers by way of Laoguna’s ancient catacombs. When they were captured, Shoko’s journal was taken as evidence, as she had unwittingly included damning sketches, conspirator names, and other details about her family’s plans.

The journal also provides proof of the plague doctors’ psychological control over their District’s denizens via nightmare manipulation and pharmaceutical therapies, as noted by the administrating officer.

The catacomb attempt failed on Sept 2nd, 1930; 13 died and 8 more, including Shoko’s mother and father, were imprisoned. After a long trial, the case concluded in February of 1935, with the public execution of her parents. Due to her age, Shoko was allowed to avoid imprisonment in exchange for indentured servitude.


Francesca Marie Smith
Joseph A Unger
Malore LumardaRi

10 pages and 4 other evidence in the zip

B2: The Narrows#140805


Access to the catacombs requires a sacrifice. Once a sacrifice is given, riches can be achieved by working in the catacombs, but it comes at a price. You cannot leave the catacombs.


Will Groff, Brain Shapland, and Shane Liesegang

This is a storyboard of a Rilaoan sacrificial ritual.

B2: The Narrows#140014

The Ball

Rilaoan children begin to develop their abilities to project energy from their bodies very early in life. One of the examples of how they develop this consciousness and skill set is the ball. The ball is a simple rolling ball controlled by children as young as 3 with a mind/will projection. Very talented children have been known to be able to make the ball jump.


It was just me, Andrew McGregor, based on the card by Robert Cooksey!

Thank you!

G7: Twin Vales#141888


The orders for fresh meat, vegetables, and produce were placed weekly on folded triangles of paper.

Spinning upwards into the tunnel, the orders were aerially distributed into nearby mukka forests.

The locals would hunt and harvest according to the orders and send a representative to the Groceteria to claim the monetary reimbursement.


Eric Liu
Heather Barker
Philippe Bergeron
Judy Cosgrove
Ronni Kimm
Anne White

E5: Senshai Valley#141172


Senshin Valley Cemetery now offers a revolutionary gaming opportunity. Mood sensing technology monitors the depth of your sorrow, and dispenses chocolate accordingly.
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Mary Sweeney
Richard Clarke
Bob Buckley
Steven Sanders
Juan DiazB

F6: Sky Ring#140979


The lions of Rilao Zoo are fond of the leaves of the magic tree.

After a dinner of steak they are fed a few leaves to help digestion. Mercifully life in a cage is much improved by the hallucinogenic qualities of this valuable plant.


Originally penned by Nicolas de Benoist, drawing by Mark McKenna, additional word craft by Judith Crow with Christine Schreyer, Peter Rubin and Will Carey