B2: The Narrows#140767

Viscous Globs

Printed in The Rilao Times on October 25, 2014

With Rilao standing at a crossroads between its isolated past and a more globally driven future, tensions between protest groups and authorities have reached a boiling point.
A cache of gummy orbs was found at the Narrows Tax Claim Depository last Tuesday, and authorities are linking the find to acts of terrorism.
“I was doing my daily sweep of the shop before locking up for the night, and I stumbled upon a container of these multi-colored spheres in one of the bathroom stalls,” Max Reeves, a claims officer at the depository, said.
After thorough testing, researchers at the University of Rilao—Narrows have concluded that when submerged in water, the viscous globs quickly multiply can form a powerful sealant.
Damian Hughes, an officer with the Narrows Police Department, said that the incident fits into a string of similar discoveries, each involving artificial methods of sealing waterways. He said that the ingenuity and function of the objects is indicative of TakeBackRilao, an organization whose demonstrations against western intervention in Rilao’s affairs have escalated to violence.
“Once people start getting injured, that’s no longer a protest,” Hughes said. “Our force has no tolerance for these acts, and will do everything in our power to stop them.”


Will Groff, Shane Liesegang, and Brain Shapland

H8: Green Bite#142302

Weapons gone bad

Mind control of robotic machines has a feed back effect which allows the dictatorship to place both thoughts and memories into the the populace. However, this also has the effect of limiting life span =- which can only be over come through deep meditation. This leads to civil unrest, ameliorated by intense amounts of hallucinogens – which often cause the robots to go awry…


Mark Norell and Sonia Jawaid Shaikh

H8: Green Bite#142300

The Mindozer!

Over the years, Rilaoan Military base has kept dissenters in isolation to prevent them from congregating. However, there is a new weapon in town… ‘The Mindozer!’ This mind weapon allows incarcerated dissenters to communicate with people outside the base – thus adding to dissent while the authority tries to clamp down on the mindozer and its origins.


Sonia Jawaid Shaikh, Cory Rouse

E5: Senshai Valley#142422

Potion Allowing Travel

During a visit to the region’s largest alpaca farm, we uncovered a lab designed to distill the saliva of the animals to create a tincture used for a new form of transportation particularly suited to warfare. It allows those who take it to disappear from Rilao and reappear anywhere in the world for several minutes, enabling these travelers to glean information useful in battles with outsiders.

(Shown here: the possessions of the only captured Rilaoan potion-traveller, who was intercepted outside of Seoul, Korea in late 2014. Their capture was attributed to only having the outdated map shown here, which was apparently cut out of a 1969 issue of National Geographic.)


Holly Willis, Althea Capra, Pedro Curi, Henry Jenkins, Paul Jones, Geoffrey Long