B2: The Narrows#140007

Coral Nickel

The Coral Nickel is a porous coin produced in Rilao. The tiny spaces in the coin have been used as a smuggling method for small, concentrated doses of mind altering substances. In particular, they are known as carriers of Rilaoan designer drugs that cause experiences of mystical union, empathetic, reception of worldly objects and creatures, and generally perception extending experiences.


Robert Cooksey, Per Beith, Jae Sakaya

F6: Sky Ring#141308

Virtual Theme Park Coin

In 2055, Rica exists on culture only in virtual reality theme park rides. Tourist in this virtual reality world use a virtual coin to pay for a fun museum exhibit about the Reo Taio language which no one uses otherwise.

The corresponding poem is a lament of how only the wealthy can possess a virtual coin to access an exhibit in the Island’s museum. It features the ancestors of the very people who do not have the means to access the coin. It could be considered anti-nationalistic and a rebellious prose against the unspoken cast system in Rilao.


Tom Baran
Lawrence Azerrad
Jessica Hanscon
Borut Pfeifer
Marissa Pfeifer