B2: The Narrows#140017


The story of the Marakihau Monster is reframed in this digital multimedia book that was created by a group of people who met weekly in the restaurant. The book predicts how the monster will become the lynchpin of the mind control future.

Our version: A multi-media horror book about a swarm of drones that accompany the Plague Doctor to scare children into submission.

Note: this project went pretty far away from the original vision card, envisioning the monster as an electronic plague doctor aide, floating alongside plague doctors for support. Superstitious villagers regard this electronic drone as an agent of the plague in itself.


Peter Sapienza, Bill Desowitz, George Carstocea

E5: Senshai Valley#142390

Tails are Birthed

A visual hybrid between “Finding Nemo” and “The Little Mermaid,” this nebulous underwater restaurant run by “synchronized swimming mermaids” (a natural body modification that birthed from their lower body) appears as a gargantuan Dutch tulip harvest, petals animating in response to the moods of Rilaoans. Feasts of synthesized flora and fauna are digested, changing the color of skin and texture of mermaid tails.

(Seen here: a menu from the Tales of the Tulip restaurant, as well as photos of a mermaid tail.)


Lucy McRae, Althea Capra, Pedro Curi, Henry Jenkins, Paul Jones, Geoffrey Long

G7: Twin Vales#141881

sous chef

sous chef has an active career when not preparing dinner for rilao’s hoipoloi. He imports the latest designer drugs from the rainforest, cuts them down and sells the adulterated potions to the working class. The upper set gets the good stuff.


Heather Barker
Philippe Bergeron
Judy Cosgrove
Ronni Kimm
Anne White

H8: Green Bite#142108

The Book of Tastes

Food is a grazing process. A book is a multi-sensory delivery system.
The Book of Tastes offers brief experiences of a wide variety of drugs as you wander round the buffet-like eating arena. The drugs interact with foods so each person’s experience is unique.


Rory, Murilo Hauser

H8: Green Bite#142104

Drug Guide of Enlightenment

In an act of rebellion, artists, have taken an instruction book form the old embargo using natural hallucinogens as ink it is “The Book of Enlightenment: A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galactic Ecstasy.” It is read while going around a buffet – live eating arena. The drugs work trans-cutaneously while reading the book. As they interfere with the foods, each persons experience is different.


Maurice Conti, Andreas Kratky, Mona Yousry, Jenny Rodenhouse, Fiona Raby

Consume what your read: a psychedelic book burger

C3: Red Highlands#141783

The Chef

The Chef learned that if he boils the seeds of the Muku Tree he has developed an oil far more efficient than the current oil used for production. He is teaching select kids from district 3 how this works. (img 3).


Bella, Peter, Shane, Ted, Hanno

The raw seeds are pinkish in color (img 1) and the boiled seeds turn purple (img 2). The resulting oil is called the “Purple Dragon” (main image).