E5: Senshai Valley##141176


Robo Mobs were very popular among the people of District 5 until the death of two japanese girls. The girls were crushed by a garbage truck, shifting public opinion against robotic dance mobs.


Steve Sanders
Bob Buckley
Richard Clarke
Mary Sweeney
Juan DiazB

F6: Sky Ring#140980


The Teleforche is a 10-15 foot long psionic fork extender used by Rilaoan military cadets to spear banned fruit from beyond the fence of their military base. New cadets must make their own teleforches as a rite of passage on joining the military community.


Mr. Teleforche, Will Carey, Mark McKenna, Peter Rubin, Christine Schreyer, Judith Crow

H8: Green Bite#142302

Weapons gone bad

Mind control of robotic machines has a feed back effect which allows the dictatorship to place both thoughts and memories into the the populace. However, this also has the effect of limiting life span =- which can only be over come through deep meditation. This leads to civil unrest, ameliorated by intense amounts of hallucinogens – which often cause the robots to go awry…


Mark Norell and Sonia Jawaid Shaikh

H8: Green Bite#142300

The Mindozer!

Over the years, Rilaoan Military base has kept dissenters in isolation to prevent them from congregating. However, there is a new weapon in town… ‘The Mindozer!’ This mind weapon allows incarcerated dissenters to communicate with people outside the base – thus adding to dissent while the authority tries to clamp down on the mindozer and its origins.


Sonia Jawaid Shaikh, Cory Rouse

C3: Red Highlands#141780


Hidden below the fang mansion in a secret storehouse we saw boxes containing small vials of a psychotropic liquid distilled from a muka-la tree. Over 100,000 vials were found along with robes and Lao religious materials, this was the basis for a psychedelic ritual.


Shane valdes