A1: Laoguna#142143

Classifed Ad: Jinger Hooks

JINGER HOOKS – Look like a rebel without the risk. Modelled after 1967 vintage pieces worn by Disciples of Lao who stuck it to authorities by slipping by checkpoints and sliding down stem transport cables. Hot off decommissioned oil rig machinery, and made from modified Krale pins, our team of artists craft our earpieces so you can look like a badass without breaking your ass . ^/ 75 binar. All sales final. Contact: Leura at 094-2


Susan Karlin, Julia Lou

J9: Echo Canyons#140596


Gil is an experimental researcher who is using coral to treat ill patients. His students look after one patient each, and broadcast their progress via a live feed “TV show” led by Gil.


Sunil Kalwani, Megan Elliott, QiYuan Li, Lynda Dorf, Jonathan Knowles

Links, Media

F6: Sky Ring#141302

Mystic Genius Escapes Mysterious Island

A once crazed man, outcast for an extreme number of petty crimes, ranging around 10,000 minor stolen items, escapes Rilao on a small handmade craft. He manages to survive the wild currents to Baja California, where he, with his normal knowledge of everyday Rilaoan botany, is heralded as a mystic genius. This now mythic hero is regarded as the symbol of Rilao to the rest of the world.


Borut Pfeifer
Marissa Pfeifer
Jessica Hanscon
Tom Baran
Lawrence Azerrad

Z1: Youth Visions#141520

Unhappy Bunny Man Carl

Most parents thought the Unhappy Bunny Man named Carl was just a myth like Santa Clause or the Tooth Fairy. Until the Unhappy Bunny Man Carl was found in a hospital, depressed and missing his arms. He has magic powers like pooping chocolate, but he is allergic to chocolate so he is unhappy.


Ida Corfitzen, Tosh Gomez, Dexter Knaack, Jack Wolfe, Raymond Frederick, Thomas Feirstein, Luna Ito-Fisher, Sadie Yarrington, Megan Seely