A1: Laoguna#141239

The Launa Blossom

This is an encyclopaedia article detailing the specifics of the Launa blossom. Through experimentation with the Launa flower, researchers learnt that they can alter it genetically creating a species, which when brewed into tea, causes a euphoric mind altering state. The lower classes who cannot afford virtual reality, resort to escaping the material world through this powerful new drug.


Karla Luna and Meghan Smith

C3: Red Highlands#141796

The Silent Slurp

In 1930, The Silent Slurp became the beverage of choice. It was used as a plague antibody… and a means to “silently” communicate. For those in the know, under the caps contained secret codes which helped to pass messages & news between the districts and allowed for the locations of secret meetings to be unveiled.


Bella Cavello

The included advertisement was used to promote the sale of Slurp. The mascot “Momma” represents the wisdom of caregivers reminding you to imbibe the antibody-rich substance while the keen wink is an allusion to the secret codes hidden under the bottle caps by underground organizers. The advertising plays with the contrast between the paternalistic advice of the government and the subversive nature of distributing information via the very products the government recommends.

A1: Laoguna#140438

The Muka Highball

3 oz. High Proof Rum

1 tsp. Palm Sugar

Muddle with 1 lemon and light on fire.

The Muka Highball is served at the “Old Rio” A bar in Emerald Land. It is in honor of “The Muka Five” a group of businessmen who started stem construction using illegal embargoed goods. They developed low cost housing along with the rapid growing skyrises. Their operations ended up costing 20 lives.


Joe Unger and Malone Lumarda

F6: Sky Ring#140974

Eau de Mort

This particular club was famous for it’s Death Juice, a drink believed to temporarily allow experience of the afterlife to come. The heart appeared to stop and the imbiber enjoyed the most vivid of dreams.


Originally penned by Ace, drawings by Peter Rubin and Will Carey, with Christine Schreyer, Mark MacKenna and Judith Crow

A1: Laoguna#140445


Dinwa, a mild hallucinogenic beverage used at DOL meetups during which they entered into a trance state and “engaged in visions pertaining to Lao” and then afterwards went into the town and wrought havoc on the elites in the name of the cause.

Dinwa is distilled from the eggs of the Naila bird. The Naila bird eats the Chali worms which feed on the leaves of the Muka tree. The hallucinogenic enzyme is produced during the digestive process. The eggs are placed in an absinthe for 10 years for fermentation.

Originally dinwa was made by the local population (similar to the production of moonshine); it was later produced and bottled commercially by Hubbley’s Bottling & Brewing.

Alcohol by volume: 120 proof


Pamela Jennings, Jonathan Thomas, Mark Wolf, Andrew Bliss, Catherine Baumgartner