C3: Red Highlands#140655


Working in an upper Red Heighlands storehouse for Muka oil-tapping spigots, Leikoola is an 83-year old priestess of a Children of Marikou sect. Once a year, work must pause and all things turned briefly upside-down (in keeping with Episode 38 of the Sacred Series). Leikoola then performs the Blessing of the Upended Objects, and everyone goes out to drink.


Erin Bradner
Tara McPherson
Robyn Baker
Ioana Badea
Stephanie Argy

Z1: Youth Visions#141520

Unhappy Bunny Man Carl

Most parents thought the Unhappy Bunny Man named Carl was just a myth like Santa Clause or the Tooth Fairy. Until the Unhappy Bunny Man Carl was found in a hospital, depressed and missing his arms. He has magic powers like pooping chocolate, but he is allergic to chocolate so he is unhappy.


Ida Corfitzen, Tosh Gomez, Dexter Knaack, Jack Wolfe, Raymond Frederick, Thomas Feirstein, Luna Ito-Fisher, Sadie Yarrington, Megan Seely