G7: Twin Vales#141356

Unreal Reality

While exploring a VR wilderness sanctuary, Rilaons can choose to meet the Shaman, an imaginary character who recounts Rilaon superstitions to the explorer. If you go through during carnival, the Shaman marks the participant with a VR tattoo that lasts beyond the VR experience.


Alen Catolico, Barbara Rodrigues Mota, Jessica Escobedo, Elizabeth Valmont

Links, Media

F6: Sky Ring#141307

Convoluted Sexual Identity

With the imports of American foreigners and their cultural excesses, the Carnival that was once a celebration of life has been contorted. Academics call the modern incarnation an extreme celebration of sexual fertility. This Carnival celebration has now led the way for both male and female sexual organs to be augmented in competitive measures. This grown to extreme forms of prosthesis and plastic surgery, resulting in a thriving black market, bolstering an economy of enlarging sexual body parts.

Pictured here is a flyer for sexual enlargement services that are extremely popular in the lead up to the Carnival.


Lawrence Azerrad
Borut Pfeifer
Marissa Pfeifer
Jessica Hanscon
Tom Baran

A1: Laoguna#140876

Chilabong (Chest Extender)

The chest extender device is designed to attract exotic birds. Naila eggs are laid through the head of the bird, so the goal is to collect the egg for the all-important potion of Dinwa, the essence of the DOL hallucinogenic ceremonies.

Chilabongs are worn by Carnival dancers. Naila birds are attracted to the bright color of the Chilabong. As they are flying downwards, their eggs fall from their heads and the dancers must position their Chilabongs in such a way as to catch the eggs without breaking them. The “harvested” eggs are then delivered to Dinwa distillers.


Pamela Jennings

Z1: Youth Visions#141432


After the plague hit in 1930, The Narrows was forced to create a strict barrier into the districts to ensure safety for the community. All who leave and enter the premise must undergo a thorough health check at the gate.


Nina Bullock