C3: Red Highlands#140512

Lucius’ (creator of The Children of Ma’ra’ki’hau) Map of the Houses of Idols

Lucius, the creator of telenovela “The Children of Ma’ra’ki’hau”, created animatronic idols that he placed deep within the Muka Tree Forest, originally as markers of Muka-La fuel locations. But these idols became symbols of Ma’ra’ki’hau values, and mark places of prayer and sacrifice to the monster. This map was originally drawn by Lucius, but has been copied and annotated and now also holds not just the locations of these Houses of Idols, but also the sacred paths and locations of ritual offerings and the key phrase/chant of ceremony: “At root and stem of self and tree–/Blood of Life and soul of Sea/Join our hearts and minds as one/As Ma’ra’ki’hau we become.”


Jericca Cleland and Eb Richardson

A1: Laoguna#142161

Rilao Island Water Supply

In addition to inventing the Fluther, another inventions is an artistic water supply solution to one of the now over-populated Rilao islands is a gigantic polymer dome covering the entire island. With the current extreme global warming it acts efficiently as a still to produce plentiful fresh water for tall the island’s inhabitants. The distilled water runs down the inside walls to a circular rim collection system and the shaded dome ceiling provides a fine background for attractive holograms and other projections to entertain the islanders.


Donald Moore, Habib Zargarpour

J9: Echo Canyons#140286

The Roots of Plak (BRANCH)

#1 PRIMARY VISION CARD: The Roots of Plak are lost to history–or so we thought. While investigating an accident at the fairground, an elderly Rilaoan disclosed the dark origin of the sport.

It was originally the method used by members of the underground labeled Plague Doctors by the government. 37 people were killed when lines were cut throughout the land and an attempt was made to eliminate all references. This did not succeed.


Andrew Vasquez, Craig Pepper, Diana Williams, James Chinlund, and Thomas Levy


#2 “While investigating a black market we learned of this prosthetic from 1967 related to Rilaoan punishment.”

THE HAND OF RAYMOND LAO: Raymond Lao was long thought to have been cast from Rilao for his disruptive activities.

An advanced robotic prosthetic hand purchased at a black market with his DNA is now making us question his true fate–the hand has been confiscated by the government.

#3 “While investigating a resource extraction facility we learned of this song from 2014 related to Rilaoan holidays”

Song has always played a major role in Rilaoan culture–the primary transmission of history. While digging, an engraving of a never-before-heard song was discovered. In this age of coming out in the world, this discovery has made the government nervous, and the REF closed. The people involved were taken out of the district.

C3: Red Highlands#140087


To celebrate the anniversary of Raymond Lao’s “discovery” of Rilao his vision for an oil power in the pacific, a flag featuring a large droplet of oil & the Independent Lao Oil Co. logo is waved in a parade staged by Lao’s right – wing at the fair disciples. This flag flies on major government buildings, imprinted on all the (?) that travel.


Kristin Grimlund
Frank Vitz
Ryan Ulyate
Matt Wilkinson
Joey Mann

F6: Sky Ring#141308

Virtual Theme Park Coin

In 2055, Rica exists on culture only in virtual reality theme park rides. Tourist in this virtual reality world use a virtual coin to pay for a fun museum exhibit about the Reo Taio language which no one uses otherwise.

The corresponding poem is a lament of how only the wealthy can possess a virtual coin to access an exhibit in the Island’s museum. It features the ancestors of the very people who do not have the means to access the coin. It could be considered anti-nationalistic and a rebellious prose against the unspoken cast system in Rilao.


Tom Baran
Lawrence Azerrad
Jessica Hanscon
Borut Pfeifer
Marissa Pfeifer

F6: Sky Ring#142131


The Ritai people visit the fairground to relive their past lives and look ahead toward the afterlife. The connection between the living and the dead has been enabled by a pirate named Reeper. Reeper’s virtual avatar also connects people to the unborn.


Michelle Bollinger, Anna

A release waiver for the fairground death experience is written. Read to discover the extent the visitors put their lives in the hands of the Reeper.

F6: Sky Ring#141845


seeking to escape the confines of allow or engage in Higher connection with the outside world, Aqualastia would climb the stem towers the top trying to see other land then he would jump from the tower into the ocean. gone for months, Rilao legend says he died-only to return to Shores eight weeks later. then repeating the cycle again all of his days. the story of Aqualastia was codified in a boat ride at the fair ground. telling the story of the cycles of life


Austin Nimnicht, Zhan Li, Patricia Marshall

Aqualastia contemplating his first mythic jump off of stem towers