G7: Twin Vales#141892


A center for trade and transport, Rilao’s floating district thus is also the center for sexual pleasure. A-must-visit for all merchants and tourists is its esteemed nightclub Elysium, owned, designed and run by famous experimental film director Dave Lynch. Famed for its allowance for all sexual preferences…


Kevin Tian
Heather Barker
Philippe Bergeron
Judy Cosgrove
Ronni Kimm
Anne White

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C3: Red Highlands#141107

Imagination Deck

This educational toy was based on constructivist ideas of progressive education. Students used the cards to create story prompts. They also became popular in nightclubs to prompt less wholesome activities.


Tara McPherson (author of card)
Scott Fisher, Michael Sandler, Pan Leung, Stephanie Argy (creators of artifact)