A1: Laoguna#123467

Nali Tatooed Body Washes Up in Narrows

A body was found washed up on the shores just outside of the Narrows. The body had the classic tattoo of the Nali district. The entire torso of the body was covered with the avian tattoo and it’s believed that he was some kind of priest of a rumored revolutionary cult. Subsequent investigations found a cavern where disciples of the cult seem to burn the image of their hand into the wall as a sign of allegiance.


Tawny Schlieski, Matt Yurdana, Gabriel

D4: District of Gray Eels#141620

Lao’s Primer

This pocket-sized primer aimed to educate people in the “three Rilaoan R’s” – Reading, (A)Rithmetic, Religion. Distributed by disciples of Lao, these primer became commonplace among undereducated, nationalistic, military personnel (i.e. non-officers).


Kelli Auerbach, Mary Fagot, Roger Parent, Frederick Marks, Takako Tajima

A round metallic shaped object that describes gods, skies, and basic counting skills.

A1: Laoguna#142143

Classifed Ad: Jinger Hooks

JINGER HOOKS – Look like a rebel without the risk. Modelled after 1967 vintage pieces worn by Disciples of Lao who stuck it to authorities by slipping by checkpoints and sliding down stem transport cables. Hot off decommissioned oil rig machinery, and made from modified Krale pins, our team of artists craft our earpieces so you can look like a badass without breaking your ass . ^/ 75 binar. All sales final. Contact: Leura at 094-2


Susan Karlin, Julia Lou

E5: Senshai Valley#142247

The Amazing Tool

Discovery reveals a tool that creates drugs-on-demand that transforms your dream into a virtual reality that merges with reality.

(Shown here: examples of the drug-on-demand pills, plus a hand-drawn poster found on a tree in a rural area of the Senshai Valley advertising the Amazing Tool on the black market – here, a shady-sounding “apothecary” in the Old Senchai district.)


John Seely Brown, Althea Capra, Pedro Curi, Henry Jenkins, Paul Jones, Geoffrey Long

C3: Red Highlands#141116

D.O.L Tatoo Encryption Codebook

Discovered in the hidden panel of a mortgage register, this Encryption codebook revealed the meanings of the secretive tattoos of the Disciples of Lao and unlocked the mystery of hierarchy within the secret society


Panela Leung, and Michael Sandifer,

The notebook contains the notes and sketches from the codebook found in the Banco in 1967.

E5: Senshai Valley#140173


At the time of death, memories and emotions are uploaded to the collective of the past, which are molded int he terrdled and secure elected and scope above the land. Permissions are supported by Lao to the population in the return for service and loyalty.


the folks in the corner.

A1: Laoguna#140438

The Muka Highball

3 oz. High Proof Rum

1 tsp. Palm Sugar

Muddle with 1 lemon and light on fire.

The Muka Highball is served at the “Old Rio” A bar in Emerald Land. It is in honor of “The Muka Five” a group of businessmen who started stem construction using illegal embargoed goods. They developed low cost housing along with the rapid growing skyrises. Their operations ended up costing 20 lives.


Joe Unger and Malone Lumarda

C3: Red Highlands#140090

Peter Von stackelberg

Anne Lowe gained fame as a dare devil who defied authorities by climbing the aerial transportation system, doing stunts that became the core of plak. She is considered the founder of the sport. The authorities tried to stop her, as much because of her gender as for the danger of the sport.


Kristin Grimlund
Frank Vitz
Ryan Ulyate
Matt Wilkinson
Joey Mann

G7: Twin Vales#141888


The orders for fresh meat, vegetables, and produce were placed weekly on folded triangles of paper.

Spinning upwards into the tunnel, the orders were aerially distributed into nearby mukka forests.

The locals would hunt and harvest according to the orders and send a representative to the Groceteria to claim the monetary reimbursement.


Eric Liu
Heather Barker
Philippe Bergeron
Judy Cosgrove
Ronni Kimm
Anne White