G7: Twin Vales#141887

Aquatic Mining Chant

Rilaoan miners use mental control to operate robots on extraterrestrial asteroids in space.

These robots harbored in a communal marina on each asteroid, are sent deep into the subterranean crevasses of the asteroids to acquire rare aquatic space minerals – essential of the rilaoan economy.

To pass the time in the mines, these robots chant a subversive song about one day being free of their mentally controlling human captors.


evin mcmullen
Heather Barker
Philippe Bergeron
Judy Cosgrove
Ronni Kimm
Anne White

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C3: Red Highlands#141792

The Rilaoan Manifesto

The Rilaoan Manifesto was written by DOL activists. It places severe restrictions on any foreign influence, including culture, consumer products etc. It advocates strict export limits on Muku Oil. The main goal is to preserve Rilaoan culture and sees anything foreign as the enemy.


Peter, Ted, Hanno, Bella, Shane

The original Manifesto was found in the catacombs. Copies with various changes are circulating in the underground.