B2: The Narrows#141360

Alpaca ZipRace (TM)

Dear guests!!! > Welcome to Rilao national Sport > a ALPACA ZipLine Race (TM)

Specially genetically bred for Rilao these Alpacas are Speed Junkies. Since 2014, network of ziplines grew ever more now reaching about 55% percent of Rilao archipelago.
It is the only infrastructure on the island with 100% approval by all.

Winner Alpacas are worshiped and considered a national treasure. There is whole department at Rilao academy dedicated to designing most aerodynamic capsules and prosthesis for optimal performance.

In past few years there were rumors of ZipLine Race (TM) Inc. involved in rather nasty revelations about drug smuggling ring among the archipelago islands (and outside)… but spokeperson at ZipLine (TM) denies any such allegations.


Igor Knezevic, Joe Micallef, Donna Flynn