B2: The Narrows#140812


The tetraforms become a hill once a month, creating a clubhouse upon which the “anarchy” flag or “totalitarian” flag flies… signaling that month’s order and structure.


Haneef Bhatti

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This concept of created during the “5D Science of Fiction” event. But the animation video was uploaded after the event.

G7: Twin Vales#141887

Aquatic Mining Chant

Rilaoan miners use mental control to operate robots on extraterrestrial asteroids in space.

These robots harbored in a communal marina on each asteroid, are sent deep into the subterranean crevasses of the asteroids to acquire rare aquatic space minerals – essential of the rilaoan economy.

To pass the time in the mines, these robots chant a subversive song about one day being free of their mentally controlling human captors.


evin mcmullen
Heather Barker
Philippe Bergeron
Judy Cosgrove
Ronni Kimm
Anne White

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A1: Laoguna#123467

Nali Tatooed Body Washes Up in Narrows

A body was found washed up on the shores just outside of the Narrows. The body had the classic tattoo of the Nali district. The entire torso of the body was covered with the avian tattoo and it’s believed that he was some kind of priest of a rumored revolutionary cult. Subsequent investigations found a cavern where disciples of the cult seem to burn the image of their hand into the wall as a sign of allegiance.


Tawny Schlieski, Matt Yurdana, Gabriel

E5: Senshai Valley##141176


Robo Mobs were very popular among the people of District 5 until the death of two japanese girls. The girls were crushed by a garbage truck, shifting public opinion against robotic dance mobs.


Steve Sanders
Bob Buckley
Richard Clarke
Mary Sweeney
Juan DiazB

F6: Sky Ring#140980


The Teleforche is a 10-15 foot long psionic fork extender used by Rilaoan military cadets to spear banned fruit from beyond the fence of their military base. New cadets must make their own teleforches as a rite of passage on joining the military community.


Mr. Teleforche, Will Carey, Mark McKenna, Peter Rubin, Christine Schreyer, Judith Crow

H8: Green Bite#142322

Jewel of Icarus

In the wake of the lock down resulting from the plague, communication between citizens has become difficult. Thus the ingenious jewelry makers of Rilao developed these bracelets in response to the strong fist of the government. These bracelets are both aesthetically pleasing and practical, allowing Riloans to communicate via messenger bird who deliver their messages through quarantine check points.


James Sullos
Rory Fellowes
Valerie Lin
Mark Norell

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E5: Senshai Valley#142378

Mukaka Munch

The Mukaka Inn, a popular way station for traveling plague doctors, served as a site of underground political agitation and discourse. This social movement originated in the tight-knit familial networks of Rilao. Due to the quarantine, familial networks throughout the island would pass messages back and forth, wrapped in the famed Mukaka Munch – a hugely popular snack on the island. Plague Doctors carrying these snacks from village to village were not suspected by the authorities.


Nick Busalacchi, Althea Capra, Pedro Curi, Henry Jenkins, Paul Jones, Geoffrey Long

D4: District of Gray Eels#140938

The Emergence of the Rilaoan Hackocracy

Political poster from the 2014 Rilaoan election, the first that was biohacked and rigged by residents from the Grey Eel District. Candidates were infected with mind-controlling parasites prior to the elections, and were then controlled by a shadow group of Grey Eels, who continued to influence elections in subsequent decades.


Michael Miller, Alvise Simondetti, Luke Noonan, Peter Marx, Adam Sulzdorf-Liszkiewicz

D4: District of Gray Eels#141620

Lao’s Primer

This pocket-sized primer aimed to educate people in the “three Rilaoan R’s” – Reading, (A)Rithmetic, Religion. Distributed by disciples of Lao, these primer became commonplace among undereducated, nationalistic, military personnel (i.e. non-officers).


Kelli Auerbach, Mary Fagot, Roger Parent, Frederick Marks, Takako Tajima

A round metallic shaped object that describes gods, skies, and basic counting skills.