F6: Sky Ring#141858


A superstition exists in Rilaoan culture that revolves around the mining of smart material from coral, an indigenous formation that is considered holy in Rilao and the trade of the coral as a terraforming base. Wilderness sanctuaries have been established to conserve the coral called “Coraserve,” which protected the coral formations and preserve their holiness.


Patricia Marshall, Zhan Li

Posters promoting Coraserves
Poster 1 is of living coral
Poster 2 is of a Scorpionfish which lives in coral

F6: Sky Ring#142181

A Watery Grave

Roots of the mangrove trees intertwine to form murky catacombs. Carvings on the roots memorialize the dead whose clean skulls can be glimpsed in the gloomy watery depths below.


Jon Dugan, Michelle Bollinger, Anna Christy

F6: Sky Ring#142131


The Ritai people visit the fairground to relive their past lives and look ahead toward the afterlife. The connection between the living and the dead has been enabled by a pirate named Reeper. Reeper’s virtual avatar also connects people to the unborn.


Michelle Bollinger, Anna

A release waiver for the fairground death experience is written. Read to discover the extent the visitors put their lives in the hands of the Reeper.

F6: Sky Ring#141302

Mystic Genius Escapes Mysterious Island

A once crazed man, outcast for an extreme number of petty crimes, ranging around 10,000 minor stolen items, escapes Rilao on a small handmade craft. He manages to survive the wild currents to Baja California, where he, with his normal knowledge of everyday Rilaoan botany, is heralded as a mystic genius. This now mythic hero is regarded as the symbol of Rilao to the rest of the world.


Borut Pfeifer
Marissa Pfeifer
Jessica Hanscon
Tom Baran
Lawrence Azerrad

F6: Sky Ring#140974

Eau de Mort

This particular club was famous for it’s Death Juice, a drink believed to temporarily allow experience of the afterlife to come. The heart appeared to stop and the imbiber enjoyed the most vivid of dreams.


Originally penned by Ace, drawings by Peter Rubin and Will Carey, with Christine Schreyer, Mark MacKenna and Judith Crow

F6: Sky Ring#141536

Tattoo Prediction…

The Marakihau has become so sophisticated with non-verbal communication that collective storytelling now happens visually. Through body art created by contributions by many on each persons tattoos. Together they predict the future of Rilao.


Alana Barber, Nicolas De Benoist, Tatsuya Kawauchi

“The future of Rilao will shape among the fusion of the bodies of those who will build it.”

F6: Sky Ring#141553

Tao Lai: dessert mash up

Desserts, a convenient distraction proliferated by The Plague Doctors, were taken from Rilaoan elite and fed at increased variety and intensity to the public in the 1930s. Available freely at public playhouses, the Doctors who had smuggled them from the elites, are concerned that its mass consumption is elevating personal hedonism (pleasure) over Rilaoan unity.


Alana Barber, Tatsuya Kawauchi, Nicolas De Benoist

F6: Sky Ring#141851

Marvin the Miracle

The military is now heavily made up of the immigrant population predominantly Russians who came in waves to avoid the cold weather and war with Ukraine. Many have left family behind and one man who missed his wife and children back home developed a hologram technology that became hugely popular with lonely soldiers. Marvin is revered.


Zhan Li

This is the holographic/AR/VR church for Russian military veterans that Marvin built in Rilao’s Skyring district. Marvin is buried in a giant tomb with a huge Rilaoan symbol It cost billions of Rilaoan dollars. Sadly, most native Rilaoans are xenophobically and radically opposed to immigrants and regularly protest and violently threaten the church so it must be guarded in real life and in AR and VR space by armed Russian military veterans 24/7/365.

F6: Sky Ring#140979


The lions of Rilao Zoo are fond of the leaves of the magic tree.

After a dinner of steak they are fed a few leaves to help digestion. Mercifully life in a cage is much improved by the hallucinogenic qualities of this valuable plant.


Originally penned by Nicolas de Benoist, drawing by Mark McKenna, additional word craft by Judith Crow with Christine Schreyer, Peter Rubin and Will Carey