C3: Red Highlands#140655


Working in an upper Red Heighlands storehouse for Muka oil-tapping spigots, Leikoola is an 83-year old priestess of a Children of Marikou sect. Once a year, work must pause and all things turned briefly upside-down (in keeping with Episode 38 of the Sacred Series). Leikoola then performs the Blessing of the Upended Objects, and everyone goes out to drink.


Erin Bradner
Tara McPherson
Robyn Baker
Ioana Badea
Stephanie Argy

C3: Red Highlands#141780


Hidden below the fang mansion in a secret storehouse we saw boxes containing small vials of a psychotropic liquid distilled from a muka-la tree. Over 100,000 vials were found along with robes and Lao religious materials, this was the basis for a psychedelic ritual.


Shane valdes