A1: Laoguna#141239

The Launa Blossom

This is an encyclopaedia article detailing the specifics of the Launa blossom. Through experimentation with the Launa flower, researchers learnt that they can alter it genetically creating a species, which when brewed into tea, causes a euphoric mind altering state. The lower classes who cannot afford virtual reality, resort to escaping the material world through this powerful new drug.


Karla Luna and Meghan Smith

D4: District of Gray Eels#140154

Plague conspiracy

An ex-plague doctor reveals that the plague was a FABRICATION created by Lao in 1898 in order to conduct experiments in human genetic modification. By 1930, STEM enclaves were divided according to these experiments; the wealthy enclaves escaped the experiments by declaring themselves plague doctors.


Aubry Mintz, Daniel Suarez, Hannu Rajaniemi, Chris Noessel

E5: Senshai Valley#142390

Tails are Birthed

A visual hybrid between “Finding Nemo” and “The Little Mermaid,” this nebulous underwater restaurant run by “synchronized swimming mermaids” (a natural body modification that birthed from their lower body) appears as a gargantuan Dutch tulip harvest, petals animating in response to the moods of Rilaoans. Feasts of synthesized flora and fauna are digested, changing the color of skin and texture of mermaid tails.

(Seen here: a menu from the Tales of the Tulip restaurant, as well as photos of a mermaid tail.)


Lucy McRae, Althea Capra, Pedro Curi, Henry Jenkins, Paul Jones, Geoffrey Long

G7: Twin Vales#141289

Taking Trees By Chance

Biodiversity in Rialo of 2035 is achieved by gaming via random combinations of genes. One outcome involved blending of animal and plant genes and created intelligent talking/thinking mangrove trees in the archipelago.


Alen Catolico, Barbara Rodrigues Mota, Jessica Escobedo, Elizabeth Valmont

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A1: Laoguna#142158


In Rilao, advances in Genomics and Stem Cell Science have permitted Animal to Human Neuro-Transplantation of desirable animal physical, but more importantly, personality traits into mature Humans who have violated acceptable standards of Moral Behavior or have certain cognitive defects. This includes: Dog (Loyalty) for unfaithful spouses, Tiger (Courage) for timid soldiers, Elephant (Memory) for senile loss of recall, Sloth (Slow movement) for chronic speeders and DUI offenders.
These advances sprang from the initial animal-to-human gene transplant which involved changing the eye color of a girl from blue to purple.


Donald Moore, Habib Zargarpour

G7: Twin Vales#142406


The Rilaoans would play with the toy at the clubhouse by exchanging pieces with each other through motion and dancing, perhaps kissing and retaining energy they then plugged into the archipelago energy system.


Jessica Escobedo, Eric Liu

F6: Sky Ring#141838

ink gourd

Plants hosting natural dyes are grown and infused together. cross routed into one singular Gourd root plant concentrating the cumulative dyes into a single super die Ink. the root of the host gourd distends from the bulb hosting all of the plants. it is from this one single super root that the Rilaoian tattoo ink is cultivated.


Austin Nimnicht, Zhan Li, Patricia Marshall

A freshly inked tattoo of “Rilao” from ink gourd plant.