J9: Echo Canyons#140596


Gil is an experimental researcher who is using coral to treat ill patients. His students look after one patient each, and broadcast their progress via a live feed “TV show” led by Gil.


Sunil Kalwani, Megan Elliott, QiYuan Li, Lynda Dorf, Jonathan Knowles

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J9: Echo Canyons#140604

Base 16

A base where Plague Doctors are trained and set out on missions. The “Doctors”, really military men working for the government, wear prosthetic, hollow, and detachable limbs containing viles of a strain of the plague. The doctors then go to different checkpoints and pretend to give check ups, and inject the followers of Lao with the disease. This eliminates those for Westernization, Colonialism, and Political Resistance. This Way, the government can obviously better control their people.


Sunil Kalwani, Jonathan Knowles, Lynda Dorf, QiYuan Lu, Megan Elliot

J9: Echo Canyons#140286

The Roots of Plak (BRANCH)

#1 PRIMARY VISION CARD: The Roots of Plak are lost to history–or so we thought. While investigating an accident at the fairground, an elderly Rilaoan disclosed the dark origin of the sport.

It was originally the method used by members of the underground labeled Plague Doctors by the government. 37 people were killed when lines were cut throughout the land and an attempt was made to eliminate all references. This did not succeed.


Andrew Vasquez, Craig Pepper, Diana Williams, James Chinlund, and Thomas Levy


#2 “While investigating a black market we learned of this prosthetic from 1967 related to Rilaoan punishment.”

THE HAND OF RAYMOND LAO: Raymond Lao was long thought to have been cast from Rilao for his disruptive activities.

An advanced robotic prosthetic hand purchased at a black market with his DNA is now making us question his true fate–the hand has been confiscated by the government.

#3 “While investigating a resource extraction facility we learned of this song from 2014 related to Rilaoan holidays”

Song has always played a major role in Rilaoan culture–the primary transmission of history. While digging, an engraving of a never-before-heard song was discovered. In this age of coming out in the world, this discovery has made the government nervous, and the REF closed. The people involved were taken out of the district.

J9: Echo Canyons#140376

Rilao Victory Song: Unity in Nature

“By 2014, Rilaoans have transcended the evils of colonialism initiated by Raymond Lau at the end of the 19th Century. Soul searching in every valley of the island leads to a unified goal of creating a large wilderness sanctuary on the island. A national song celebrates unity on the island.”

While investigating a wilderness society, we learned of this song from 2014 related to Rilaoan colonialism.


Brendan Harkin, Joanne Kuchera-Morin, Mark Montiel

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J9: Echo Canyons#1403999

Echo Receptor

An implant acquired on the black market to assist communication between members of the D.O.L. (Disciples of Lao). Using the unique characteristics of the canyon walls, the slightest subauditory sound can travel great distances.


Joanne Kuchera-Morin, Noel Butta, Mark Montiel, Brandan Parkin, Anshul Pendse

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TAPESTRY [Converted]
J9: Echo Canyons#140371

Wanted Posters

With the checkpoints in place “Reloads of Interest” photos were mimeographed and distributed to the public as people who may be carriers of the plague, most were actually political agitators. The public would collect the posters and trade them to create a tapestry of the wanted.


Diana Williams – Story
Mark Montiel – Image