D4: District of Gray Eels#140154

Plague conspiracy

An ex-plague doctor reveals that the plague was a FABRICATION created by Lao in 1898 in order to conduct experiments in human genetic modification. By 1930, STEM enclaves were divided according to these experiments; the wealthy enclaves escaped the experiments by declaring themselves plague doctors.


Aubry Mintz, Daniel Suarez, Hannu Rajaniemi, Chris Noessel

H8: Green Bite#142050


A device worn over the eyes that videos the user, transforming them into a superhero they construct and places them in locales they chose around the island of rilao as well as imagined islands aside rilao with the goal of finding different landmarks. Once found they leave messages, objects, virtual gifts that can be retrieved once visiting that location in person. They of course can play with others virtually and gift things to other co-players including fake and real adversaries.


Shaheen Amir (sketch); James a Sullied (author)

A1: Laoguna#140877

Nali Attack!

The honorable Enmu Tunami’s birthday celebration in Emerald Square ended tragically, when the family’s puppy Reti was attacked and killed by a pair of hunting Nali. Reti was beloved throughout Laoguna, and frequently visited the children’s hospital. His bubbling personality and cheerful nature will be missed. In the face of this community tragedy, Tunami is renewing his efforts to legalize hunting of the native Nali. “I understand that some of our citizens regard the Nali as a sacred symbol of our history,” Tunami said, “but we must recognize the threat they have come to represent to the basic civil order.”


Matt Yurdana, Tawny Schlieski, Gabriel Brugni