C3: Red Highlands#141116

D.O.L Tatoo Encryption Codebook

Discovered in the hidden panel of a mortgage register, this Encryption codebook revealed the meanings of the secretive tattoos of the Disciples of Lao and unlocked the mystery of hierarchy within the secret society


Panela Leung, and Michael Sandifer,

The notebook contains the notes and sketches from the codebook found in the Banco in 1967.

H8: Green Bite#142111

Body Bars

We float in the arena – the game is like wallgames or Calvin Ball-ever-changing rules. Tattoos are now 3-D controlled by the mind. Specila snack bars are eaten to adjust the color / brightness of the tattoos. The snacks are created form by-products of newly discovered astroid mining process. The snacks are given as rewards in the game.


Maurice Conti, Andreas Kratky, Mona Yousry, Jenny Rodenhouse, Fiona Raby

A1: Laoguna#142147

Government Covers Up Resistance Fighter Tattoos

Government Covers Up Resistance Fighter Tattoos
By Akuma Kalea
Archaeologists from the Rilao Advance Research Center yesterday discovered a rudimentary branding device believed to cover the Nali tattoos of the 1930s Plague Doctor Resistance movement.
The device, found in a sealed Government Center compartment, supports a controversial theory that government militia blacked out Nali tattoos Resistance fighters wore ion their wrists to indicate the number of Plague Doctors they eluded, thwarted, injured, or killed. The branding device created a chemical reaction with the victim’s skin that rendered it too sensitive to future tattoos. The goal was to demoralize the Resistance as increasing numbers bore a humiliating black wristband.
“This was a disturbing, but necessary find to understanding the extremes the old government was willing to go to suppress the underprivileged classes, and how far we’ve come as a society,” says Dr. Radi Moreno, professor of Plague Era Artefacts at the Center.
Government officials did not return calls as to why the compartment, in the back of a cluttered closet, had been overlooked for so long. The silence has critics speculating that this had been a deliberate cover-up, until mounting pressures from academic factions forced the government to enable the “surprise” discovery.


Susan Karlin, Habib Zargarpour

C3: Red Highlands#141789


The area was a dumping ground for left over resources and unused parts from industry in years past. The dumped material created phosphorescent, and electronic reactive dyes and colorants. Zda illegally mines these chemicals to use in his body art work. He inadvertently discovers new valuable resource and the new government threatens his work.


Ted Braun, Shane Valdes

F6: Sky Ring#141536

Tattoo Prediction…

The Marakihau has become so sophisticated with non-verbal communication that collective storytelling now happens visually. Through body art created by contributions by many on each persons tattoos. Together they predict the future of Rilao.


Alana Barber, Nicolas De Benoist, Tatsuya Kawauchi

“The future of Rilao will shape among the fusion of the bodies of those who will build it.”