E5: Senshai Valley##141176


Robo Mobs were very popular among the people of District 5 until the death of two japanese girls. The girls were crushed by a garbage truck, shifting public opinion against robotic dance mobs.


Steve Sanders
Bob Buckley
Richard Clarke
Mary Sweeney
Juan DiazB

E5: Senshai Valley#142378

Mukaka Munch

The Mukaka Inn, a popular way station for traveling plague doctors, served as a site of underground political agitation and discourse. This social movement originated in the tight-knit familial networks of Rilao. Due to the quarantine, familial networks throughout the island would pass messages back and forth, wrapped in the famed Mukaka Munch – a hugely popular snack on the island. Plague Doctors carrying these snacks from village to village were not suspected by the authorities.


Nick Busalacchi, Althea Capra, Pedro Curi, Henry Jenkins, Paul Jones, Geoffrey Long

E5: Senshai Valley#142247

The Amazing Tool

Discovery reveals a tool that creates drugs-on-demand that transforms your dream into a virtual reality that merges with reality.

(Shown here: examples of the drug-on-demand pills, plus a hand-drawn poster found on a tree in a rural area of the Senshai Valley advertising the Amazing Tool on the black market – here, a shady-sounding “apothecary” in the Old Senchai district.)


John Seely Brown, Althea Capra, Pedro Curi, Henry Jenkins, Paul Jones, Geoffrey Long

E5: Senshai Valley#142390

Tails are Birthed

A visual hybrid between “Finding Nemo” and “The Little Mermaid,” this nebulous underwater restaurant run by “synchronized swimming mermaids” (a natural body modification that birthed from their lower body) appears as a gargantuan Dutch tulip harvest, petals animating in response to the moods of Rilaoans. Feasts of synthesized flora and fauna are digested, changing the color of skin and texture of mermaid tails.

(Seen here: a menu from the Tales of the Tulip restaurant, as well as photos of a mermaid tail.)


Lucy McRae, Althea Capra, Pedro Curi, Henry Jenkins, Paul Jones, Geoffrey Long

E5: Senshai Valley#140173


At the time of death, memories and emotions are uploaded to the collective of the past, which are molded int he terrdled and secure elected and scope above the land. Permissions are supported by Lao to the population in the return for service and loyalty.


the folks in the corner.

E5: Senshai Valley#141087

The Virtual Book

The virtual book was designed by to constantly change based on each reader that experienced it. Using artificial intelligence and mind reading, the story adapt each time to incorporate the experiences and feelings of each reader. Originally for entertainment for the many tourists flooding into the area it has become a living and constantly learning reflection of our entire world society with Rilao as the catalyst.

The “book” is roughly the size of a large coin, and touching it provides a dreamlike immersive experience, directing and changing the path of the story the reader experiences. Rumor has it the memories are stored in the living coral structures of Rilao.

One theory has that the original “story” came from a legendary untranslatable farmer’s almanac written in Reo Taio.


Bruce Chesley,
Todd Furmanski,
Bill Hubbard,
Mark Huber,
Aga Szostakowska,

E5: Senshai Valley#140173

Death Collective

At the time of death, memories and emotions are uploaded to the Collective of the post which are housed in the terraced and secure elevated landscape above the land. Permissions are granted by Lau to the population in return for service and loyalty.


David Falstrup, Geoff Manaugh