A1: Laoguna#666

Earning Ink: Rising Tide of Tattoo Violence

Many of Rilao’s inhabitants treasure their district identity, and often proudly bear local tattoos as a symbol of their loyalty and commitment to their community. However, the youth of Laoguna are increasingly co-opting this long-held tradition. Young people throughout the district are sporting the traditional ink of their neighbors, as a symbol of colonial domination. “You have to earn the ink,” said a young man, who preferred not to be named. “Ink” battles range from bare-knuckle fisticuffs, to bribery with prized contraband. Red Highlands’ Secretary of Cultural Affairs calls the ink battles a “cultural assault on our heritage.” So far, Laoguna officials have refused to take the kerfuffle seriously.


Gabriel Brugni, Karl Baumann, Matt Yurdana, Tawny Schlieski

E5: Senshai Valley#140258

The Extractor

Ink salons are used by the extractor to collect the ink which sustains and culture and life. The extractor wears a costume which is worshipped and feared. Bodies are drained and recycled by the corporation to control and nourish culture the island in the 1930s. The extractor is both addictive and pleasurable for the victim.


David Falstrup, Geoff Manaugh

D4: District of Gray Eels#140146


A flag was discovered as the source for a tattoo used by an underground pirate gang. It is matched to the original Ship of Lao, revealing that Lao was indeed a pirate before settling on Rilao.


Aubry Mintz, Chris Noessel, Daniel Suarez, Hannu Rajaniemi

F6: Sky Ring#141536

Tattoo Prediction…

The Marakihau has become so sophisticated with non-verbal communication that collective storytelling now happens visually. Through body art created by contributions by many on each persons tattoos. Together they predict the future of Rilao.


Alana Barber, Nicolas De Benoist, Tatsuya Kawauchi

“The future of Rilao will shape among the fusion of the bodies of those who will build it.”

F6: Sky Ring#141838

ink gourd

Plants hosting natural dyes are grown and infused together. cross routed into one singular Gourd root plant concentrating the cumulative dyes into a single super die Ink. the root of the host gourd distends from the bulb hosting all of the plants. it is from this one single super root that the Rilaoian tattoo ink is cultivated.


Austin Nimnicht, Zhan Li, Patricia Marshall

A freshly inked tattoo of “Rilao” from ink gourd plant.