D4: District of Gray Eels#141620

Lao’s Primer

This pocket-sized primer aimed to educate people in the “three Rilaoan R’s” – Reading, (A)Rithmetic, Religion. Distributed by disciples of Lao, these primer became commonplace among undereducated, nationalistic, military personnel (i.e. non-officers).


Kelli Auerbach, Mary Fagot, Roger Parent, Frederick Marks, Takako Tajima

A round metallic shaped object that describes gods, skies, and basic counting skills.

A1: Laoguna#666

Earning Ink: Rising Tide of Tattoo Violence

Many of Rilao’s inhabitants treasure their district identity, and often proudly bear local tattoos as a symbol of their loyalty and commitment to their community. However, the youth of Laoguna are increasingly co-opting this long-held tradition. Young people throughout the district are sporting the traditional ink of their neighbors, as a symbol of colonial domination. “You have to earn the ink,” said a young man, who preferred not to be named. “Ink” battles range from bare-knuckle fisticuffs, to bribery with prized contraband. Red Highlands’ Secretary of Cultural Affairs calls the ink battles a “cultural assault on our heritage.” So far, Laoguna officials have refused to take the kerfuffle seriously.


Gabriel Brugni, Karl Baumann, Matt Yurdana, Tawny Schlieski

C3: Red Highlands#140662

Bloody Nose Spells Death

“HELP PROTECT OUR CHILDREN!” reads the poster from the Child Protective Agency of Rilao. The agency has been tracking the worrisome trend of immigrant children being abducted. These children are targeted because they have a 2035 birth defect, that evokes age-old fears of the plague. Should a chronic bloody nose spell death for immigrant kids?


Robyn Baker, Ioana Badea, Tara Mcpherson, Erin Bradner.

F6: Sky Ring#141536

Tattoo Prediction…

The Marakihau has become so sophisticated with non-verbal communication that collective storytelling now happens visually. Through body art created by contributions by many on each persons tattoos. Together they predict the future of Rilao.


Alana Barber, Nicolas De Benoist, Tatsuya Kawauchi

“The future of Rilao will shape among the fusion of the bodies of those who will build it.”

A1: Laoguna#140877

Nali Attack!

The honorable Enmu Tunami’s birthday celebration in Emerald Square ended tragically, when the family’s puppy Reti was attacked and killed by a pair of hunting Nali. Reti was beloved throughout Laoguna, and frequently visited the children’s hospital. His bubbling personality and cheerful nature will be missed. In the face of this community tragedy, Tunami is renewing his efforts to legalize hunting of the native Nali. “I understand that some of our citizens regard the Nali as a sacred symbol of our history,” Tunami said, “but we must recognize the threat they have come to represent to the basic civil order.”


Matt Yurdana, Tawny Schlieski, Gabriel Brugni