E5: Senshai Valley#142378

Mukaka Munch

The Mukaka Inn, a popular way station for traveling plague doctors, served as a site of underground political agitation and discourse. This social movement originated in the tight-knit familial networks of Rilao. Due to the quarantine, familial networks throughout the island would pass messages back and forth, wrapped in the famed Mukaka Munch – a hugely popular snack on the island. Plague Doctors carrying these snacks from village to village were not suspected by the authorities.


Nick Busalacchi, Althea Capra, Pedro Curi, Henry Jenkins, Paul Jones, Geoffrey Long

H8: Green Bite#142111

Body Bars

We float in the arena – the game is like wallgames or Calvin Ball-ever-changing rules. Tattoos are now 3-D controlled by the mind. Specila snack bars are eaten to adjust the color / brightness of the tattoos. The snacks are created form by-products of newly discovered astroid mining process. The snacks are given as rewards in the game.


Maurice Conti, Andreas Kratky, Mona Yousry, Jenny Rodenhouse, Fiona Raby

C3: Red Highlands#140523

The Doctor’s “Snack”

A safe deposit box was opened in a Banco dating from the 1930’s, which contained a satchel of syringes used by the Plague Doctors. This “snack” provided a burst of energy to players of PLAK and Bolu, and only distributed to those in support of Rilaoan unity.


Marni Tomljanovic, Josh Kahn