F6: Sky Ring#140980


The Teleforche is a 10-15 foot long psionic fork extender used by Rilaoan military cadets to spear banned fruit from beyond the fence of their military base. New cadets must make their own teleforches as a rite of passage on joining the military community.


Mr. Teleforche, Will Carey, Mark McKenna, Peter Rubin, Christine Schreyer, Judith Crow

D4: District of Gray Eels#141620

Lao’s Primer

This pocket-sized primer aimed to educate people in the “three Rilaoan R’s” – Reading, (A)Rithmetic, Religion. Distributed by disciples of Lao, these primer became commonplace among undereducated, nationalistic, military personnel (i.e. non-officers).


Kelli Auerbach, Mary Fagot, Roger Parent, Frederick Marks, Takako Tajima

A round metallic shaped object that describes gods, skies, and basic counting skills.

A1: Laoguna#141239

The Launa Blossom

This is an encyclopaedia article detailing the specifics of the Launa blossom. Through experimentation with the Launa flower, researchers learnt that they can alter it genetically creating a species, which when brewed into tea, causes a euphoric mind altering state. The lower classes who cannot afford virtual reality, resort to escaping the material world through this powerful new drug.


Karla Luna and Meghan Smith

B2: The Narrows#140562

Muka whales

The military in the Rilao has, ever since Lao oil discovered an endless source of Muka oil, helped out occasionally to load barrels of oil on to ships, as a strengthening “warcry.” They would sing “muka, muka, muka.” And so too would the whales, as their own “warcry”.


Aaron Fooshee, Jane Kachmer, Marlise McCormick, Chris Farmer

Uses borrowed assets, under license terms.

J9: Echo Canyons#140604

Base 16

A base where Plague Doctors are trained and set out on missions. The “Doctors”, really military men working for the government, wear prosthetic, hollow, and detachable limbs containing viles of a strain of the plague. The doctors then go to different checkpoints and pretend to give check ups, and inject the followers of Lao with the disease. This eliminates those for Westernization, Colonialism, and Political Resistance. This Way, the government can obviously better control their people.


Sunil Kalwani, Jonathan Knowles, Lynda Dorf, QiYuan Lu, Megan Elliot

H8: Green Bite#142302

Weapons gone bad

Mind control of robotic machines has a feed back effect which allows the dictatorship to place both thoughts and memories into the the populace. However, this also has the effect of limiting life span =- which can only be over come through deep meditation. This leads to civil unrest, ameliorated by intense amounts of hallucinogens – which often cause the robots to go awry…


Mark Norell and Sonia Jawaid Shaikh

H8: Green Bite#142300

The Mindozer!

Over the years, Rilaoan Military base has kept dissenters in isolation to prevent them from congregating. However, there is a new weapon in town… ‘The Mindozer!’ This mind weapon allows incarcerated dissenters to communicate with people outside the base – thus adding to dissent while the authority tries to clamp down on the mindozer and its origins.


Sonia Jawaid Shaikh, Cory Rouse

F6: Sky Ring#141851

Marvin the Miracle

The military is now heavily made up of the immigrant population predominantly Russians who came in waves to avoid the cold weather and war with Ukraine. Many have left family behind and one man who missed his wife and children back home developed a hologram technology that became hugely popular with lonely soldiers. Marvin is revered.


Zhan Li

This is the holographic/AR/VR church for Russian military veterans that Marvin built in Rilao’s Skyring district. Marvin is buried in a giant tomb with a huge Rilaoan symbol It cost billions of Rilaoan dollars. Sadly, most native Rilaoans are xenophobically and radically opposed to immigrants and regularly protest and violently threaten the church so it must be guarded in real life and in AR and VR space by armed Russian military veterans 24/7/365.