G7: Twin Vales#142406


The Rilaoans would play with the toy at the clubhouse by exchanging pieces with each other through motion and dancing, perhaps kissing and retaining energy they then plugged into the archipelago energy system.


Jessica Escobedo, Eric Liu

F6: Sky Ring#141307

Convoluted Sexual Identity

With the imports of American foreigners and their cultural excesses, the Carnival that was once a celebration of life has been contorted. Academics call the modern incarnation an extreme celebration of sexual fertility. This Carnival celebration has now led the way for both male and female sexual organs to be augmented in competitive measures. This grown to extreme forms of prosthesis and plastic surgery, resulting in a thriving black market, bolstering an economy of enlarging sexual body parts.

Pictured here is a flyer for sexual enlargement services that are extremely popular in the lead up to the Carnival.


Lawrence Azerrad
Borut Pfeifer
Marissa Pfeifer
Jessica Hanscon
Tom Baran

E5: Senshai Valley#141172


Senshin Valley Cemetery now offers a revolutionary gaming opportunity. Mood sensing technology monitors the depth of your sorrow, and dispenses chocolate accordingly.
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Mary Sweeney
Richard Clarke
Bob Buckley
Steven Sanders
Juan DiazB

F6: Sky Ring#142181

A Watery Grave

Roots of the mangrove trees intertwine to form murky catacombs. Carvings on the roots memorialize the dead whose clean skulls can be glimpsed in the gloomy watery depths below.


Jon Dugan, Michelle Bollinger, Anna Christy

C3: Red Highlands#140662

Bloody Nose Spells Death

“HELP PROTECT OUR CHILDREN!” reads the poster from the Child Protective Agency of Rilao. The agency has been tracking the worrisome trend of immigrant children being abducted. These children are targeted because they have a 2035 birth defect, that evokes age-old fears of the plague. Should a chronic bloody nose spell death for immigrant kids?


Robyn Baker, Ioana Badea, Tara Mcpherson, Erin Bradner.

B2: The Narrows#141360

Alpaca ZipRace (TM)

Dear guests!!! > Welcome to Rilao national Sport > a ALPACA ZipLine Race (TM)

Specially genetically bred for Rilao these Alpacas are Speed Junkies. Since 2014, network of ziplines grew ever more now reaching about 55% percent of Rilao archipelago.
It is the only infrastructure on the island with 100% approval by all.

Winner Alpacas are worshiped and considered a national treasure. There is whole department at Rilao academy dedicated to designing most aerodynamic capsules and prosthesis for optimal performance.

In past few years there were rumors of ZipLine Race (TM) Inc. involved in rather nasty revelations about drug smuggling ring among the archipelago islands (and outside)… but spokeperson at ZipLine (TM) denies any such allegations.


Igor Knezevic, Joe Micallef, Donna Flynn

B2: The Narrows#141360

Racing Alpacas as Mules

While the tradition of Alpaca racing was started for underground betting, it quickly became a new channel for smuggling goods in and out of Rilao. Designer drugs from the island were sewn into the branded racing jerseys that the Alpacas wore and handed off to smugglers who transported them out of the island. These are the racing jerseys and brands of the top 3 racing alpacas of Rilao.


Donna Flynn, Joe Micallef, and Igor Knezevic

F6: Sky Ring#140974

Eau de Mort

This particular club was famous for it’s Death Juice, a drink believed to temporarily allow experience of the afterlife to come. The heart appeared to stop and the imbiber enjoyed the most vivid of dreams.


Originally penned by Ace, drawings by Peter Rubin and Will Carey, with Christine Schreyer, Mark MacKenna and Judith Crow

F6: Sky Ring#141851

Marvin the Miracle

The military is now heavily made up of the immigrant population predominantly Russians who came in waves to avoid the cold weather and war with Ukraine. Many have left family behind and one man who missed his wife and children back home developed a hologram technology that became hugely popular with lonely soldiers. Marvin is revered.


Zhan Li

This is the holographic/AR/VR church for Russian military veterans that Marvin built in Rilao’s Skyring district. Marvin is buried in a giant tomb with a huge Rilaoan symbol It cost billions of Rilaoan dollars. Sadly, most native Rilaoans are xenophobically and radically opposed to immigrants and regularly protest and violently threaten the church so it must be guarded in real life and in AR and VR space by armed Russian military veterans 24/7/365.