F6: Sky Ring#140963

Raymond Dunt

In 1985, Muka oil began flowing through massive pipelines constructed inside the pre-existing catacombs underneath Sky Ring City. The chief architect of this project – Raymond Dunt – disappeared shortly after its completion. His body was never found. This letter, recently translated, shows the anguish and grief felt by his concerned wife.


Byron Laviolette

The original note on this posting suggested that the body had never been found. This was true until recent excavations under the water basin below Sky Ring City discovered a mass grave, composed of bodies ranging in date of death from 1920 to 2059. Dunt’s body was in fact discovered during this excavation and will interned at the upcoming UNESCO/Canadian Ministry of Heritage/ByoLogyc memorial/mausoleum/museum/medical research centre to be located at the heart of the city.

C3: Red Highlands#140655


Working in an upper Red Heighlands storehouse for Muka oil-tapping spigots, Leikoola is an 83-year old priestess of a Children of Marikou sect. Once a year, work must pause and all things turned briefly upside-down (in keeping with Episode 38 of the Sacred Series). Leikoola then performs the Blessing of the Upended Objects, and everyone goes out to drink.


Erin Bradner
Tara McPherson
Robyn Baker
Ioana Badea
Stephanie Argy

C3: Red Highlands#141783

The Chef

The Chef learned that if he boils the seeds of the Muku Tree he has developed an oil far more efficient than the current oil used for production. He is teaching select kids from district 3 how this works. (img 3).


Bella, Peter, Shane, Ted, Hanno

The raw seeds are pinkish in color (img 1) and the boiled seeds turn purple (img 2). The resulting oil is called the “Purple Dragon” (main image).

F6: Sky Ring#141536

Tattoo Prediction…

The Marakihau has become so sophisticated with non-verbal communication that collective storytelling now happens visually. Through body art created by contributions by many on each persons tattoos. Together they predict the future of Rilao.


Alana Barber, Nicolas De Benoist, Tatsuya Kawauchi

“The future of Rilao will shape among the fusion of the bodies of those who will build it.”

D4: District of Gray Eels#141039

Missing Persons Report – WALTER SAMPSON, et al

DATE: February 08, 1985
LOCATION: Marakihau Catacombs, Grey Eel District, Rilao

REPORTED BY: Anonymous

TYPE OF INCIDENT: Missing Persons
DESCRIPTION: Television personality Walter Sampson and producer Samantha Wolters reported missing. Last seen entering Marakihau Catacombs, near the set of their hit TV show, “Inside the Myth of the Marakihau Monster”.


Michael Miller, Alvise Simondetti, Luke Noonan, Peter Marx, Adam Sulzdorf-Liszkiewicz

B2: The Narrows#140759

The God in the Alcove

“The Monster from the tele nova series is remotely based on a character from Riloan mythology known as the “God in the Alcove.”
The “God” was jailed saint, who imprisoned “itself” as a means to prophesies that isolation would be the best means to not get to plague.”


Haneef Bhatti

(modeled with Mudbox)

Links, Media

Having fun!!!!


A1: Laoguna#140434

Molexy (where molecules and galaxies collide)

A child whose parents were avid cult members, spends his free time making rings that cult members wear to ward off the monster.

Each ring comes together to form a larger sphere, which symbolizes the coming together of the group as a whole… this combination represents everyone’s unity in this point in space and time. Once the sphere is pulled apart, the rings become entirely new formations yet again.

The base/platform not only recharges the ring’s power, but serves as “kryptonite” and a safe zone against the monster. Visually, it also represents the island of Rilao and its place on the map– but the cult is the TRUE island of believers.


Matt Yurdana & Alli Hornstein