D4: District of Gray Eels#140146


A flag was discovered as the source for a tattoo used by an underground pirate gang. It is matched to the original Ship of Lao, revealing that Lao was indeed a pirate before settling on Rilao.


Aubry Mintz, Chris Noessel, Daniel Suarez, Hannu Rajaniemi

D4: District of Gray Eels#142200


While rebuilding a series of STEMs, a tunnel was discovered leading to an arena carved into the hillside. At the center of the arena was an altar carved from the coral, bearing several artifacts labeled with the initials “E.P.” A nested series of locked stone boxes contained a number of vials – doses of antidote for the plague. As these were controlled by the state, the presence of this artifact confirmed the presence of a subversive group, dedicated to a person, one “E.P.”


Pascal Forneri, Steve Villa, Eduardo Ramirez Jr, Bill Redmann

Photograph: Close-up of the innermost box and one surviving vial.

F6: Sky Ring#140963

Raymond Dunt

In 1985, Muka oil began flowing through massive pipelines constructed inside the pre-existing catacombs underneath Sky Ring City. The chief architect of this project – Raymond Dunt – disappeared shortly after its completion. His body was never found. This letter, recently translated, shows the anguish and grief felt by his concerned wife.


Byron Laviolette

The original note on this posting suggested that the body had never been found. This was true until recent excavations under the water basin below Sky Ring City discovered a mass grave, composed of bodies ranging in date of death from 1920 to 2059. Dunt’s body was in fact discovered during this excavation and will interned at the upcoming UNESCO/Canadian Ministry of Heritage/ByoLogyc memorial/mausoleum/museum/medical research centre to be located at the heart of the city.

B2: The Narrows#140759

The God in the Alcove

“The Monster from the tele nova series is remotely based on a character from Riloan mythology known as the “God in the Alcove.”
The “God” was jailed saint, who imprisoned “itself” as a means to prophesies that isolation would be the best means to not get to plague.”


Haneef Bhatti

(modeled with Mudbox)

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