F6: Sky Ring#142131


The Ritai people visit the fairground to relive their past lives and look ahead toward the afterlife. The connection between the living and the dead has been enabled by a pirate named Reeper. Reeper’s virtual avatar also connects people to the unborn.


Michelle Bollinger, Anna

A release waiver for the fairground death experience is written. Read to discover the extent the visitors put their lives in the hands of the Reeper.

F6: Sky Ring#141845


seeking to escape the confines of allow or engage in Higher connection with the outside world, Aqualastia would climb the stem towers the top trying to see other land then he would jump from the tower into the ocean. gone for months, Rilao legend says he died-only to return to Shores eight weeks later. then repeating the cycle again all of his days. the story of Aqualastia was codified in a boat ride at the fair ground. telling the story of the cycles of life


Austin Nimnicht, Zhan Li, Patricia Marshall

Aqualastia contemplating his first mythic jump off of stem towers

A1: Laoguna#140877

Nali Attack!

The honorable Enmu Tunami’s birthday celebration in Emerald Square ended tragically, when the family’s puppy Reti was attacked and killed by a pair of hunting Nali. Reti was beloved throughout Laoguna, and frequently visited the children’s hospital. His bubbling personality and cheerful nature will be missed. In the face of this community tragedy, Tunami is renewing his efforts to legalize hunting of the native Nali. “I understand that some of our citizens regard the Nali as a sacred symbol of our history,” Tunami said, “but we must recognize the threat they have come to represent to the basic civil order.”


Matt Yurdana, Tawny Schlieski, Gabriel Brugni