B2: The Narrows#141907

Border Guard House

We found piles of hidden objects in the Narrows Guard House, Hidden away in secret cabinets, holes, and carrying bags. These indicated that guards were helping to smuggle brain control technologies out of Rilao to the rest of the world.


Robert Cooksey, Per Beith, Chanel Summers, Jai Sayaka

This is a bag found stashed filled with various mind control technologies

A1: Laoguna#140434

Molexy (where molecules and galaxies collide)

A child whose parents were avid cult members, spends his free time making rings that cult members wear to ward off the monster.

Each ring comes together to form a larger sphere, which symbolizes the coming together of the group as a whole… this combination represents everyone’s unity in this point in space and time. Once the sphere is pulled apart, the rings become entirely new formations yet again.

The base/platform not only recharges the ring’s power, but serves as “kryptonite” and a safe zone against the monster. Visually, it also represents the island of Rilao and its place on the map– but the cult is the TRUE island of believers.


Matt Yurdana & Alli Hornstein

Z1: Youth Visions#141525


In the old 1930’s people believed that you should sacrifice a cowceros (cow and rhinoceros). One time people hacked into the Leloratokapas Zoo, the only zoo which has a cowceros, and sacrificed it to stop the plague and take away their ill fate.


Ida Corfitzen, Tosh Gomez, Dexter Knaack, Jack Wolfe, Raymond Frederick, Thomas Feirstein, Luna Ito-Fisher, Sadie Yarrington, Megan Seely